Summer Tips For Your Condo Patio

Sprucing up your patio or balcony


As our beautiful summer continues, we all enjoy the warm sunshine and the longer days.  And if you reside in a condominium, many include little patios or balconies so owners can soak it all up. We will give you some fantastic tips that will turn your patio from boring into magnificent even if you do not have a "green thumb." It does not take much; however, you'll love the way that your patio will transform!  

The easiest way to "dress up" your patio


The best approach to create a unique outdoor area quickly and easily is to use containers, window boxes, planters, and smaller garden plants. You may even construct a whole vegetable and herb garden on your patio utilizing corner planters made for a limited space.  Herbs are perfect beginner plants for new gardeners. If you purchase plants, which come in little plastic containers, the very first thing you should do is replant them into bigger pots, mainly herbs, so that they can generate a significant return.  Mix your planters with herbs such as mint, thyme, lavender and rosemary with other potted plants around the patio. Most hardware shops or nurseries sell little pots and colourful planters. You'll be amazed by your patio's transformation! 

How to find your perfect flows or plants?

 The best approach is to ask a garden expert to find the perfect flowers or plants for your patio. Figure out whether your plants need full sun all day or need sun in the morning and shade later in the day?  Ask for expert guidance from the nearby nursery on which plants would be best for the kind of sun your patio receives during the day. By following these few straightforward ideas, you also can enjoy patio life right on your condo! 

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