What You Need to Know About YourBC Assessment Value

Earlier this month, you should have received your 2019 property value assessment from the BC Assessment Authority. THIS IS NOT NECESSARILY THE MARKET VALUE OF YOUR HOME. The assessment value is a comparative snapshot, used by municipal governments to determine how much you will pay in property taxes.

As your REALTORS, there are two ways that we may be able to help you:


  1. Disputing your assessment value - If you believe your assessment is wrong, we can provide you with all of the previous sales and listings in your neighbourhood and help you determine what the true assessment value should be. If you'd like to dispute, please visit this link: https://info.bcassessment.ca/Services-products/appeals. Please note that the appeal process is not an easy one. Also, if you're concerned that your taxes will go up because your assessment did, that's not necessarily the case. Your municipal tax is based on your area's mill rate. 
  1. Discovering current market value - If you would like to know the current value of your home for today’s real estate market, please call or email. We would be happy to conduct a market analysis on your home and provide you with a realistic price. 
Thanks to you, 2019 was a fantastic year as we helped over 50 families buy and sell their home. We are excited to continue to help you, your family, friends and colleagues in the coming year.
All the best in 2020,

Blake & Danielle