Covid-19 and the Victoria Real Estate Market

How is Covid-19 Affecting the Victoria Real Estate Market?

With COVID-19 being top of mind over the last few days, we wanted to touch base with everyone regarding how this pandemic is affecting real estate here in Victoria.

For the most part, it’s business as usual however we have made a few modifications in the way we work after some recommendations made by our Victoria Real Estate Board
  • Our Sutton Victoria offices have chosen to not allow walk ins so both locations are only able to be accessed by key card. This is to help prevent any staff who are still working at either location
  • Open houses will be temporarily suspended to protect our clients and the public
  • Many of our face to face meetings will not be done by phone, email, or Zoom/Skype
  • Some showings will still proceed however we will make precautions by bringing disinfecting wipes and sanitizer and asking that Buyers do not touch anything and wash their hands as they enter and exit. Many Sellers are now leaving all of the doors open (including front and back) and are waiting outside during showings so that Buyers or their agent do not need to touch anything
If you have an upcoming closing, your completion will NOT be affected. Real estate and Lawyer offices as well as the Land Title Service Authority are still business as usual, but many employees are simply working from home.

The positive? Interest rates have dropped dramatically. This is a great time to lock into your pre-approval or re-finance. Get in touch with us to learn more or speak with your mortgage professional.

Do you need help with groceries, errands, etc? Please be sure to reach out as we would be very happy to help.

Stay safe out there everyone.

- Danielle & Blake

Big banks to allow delayed mortgage payments to some in unprecedented response to coronavirus crisis (link)
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